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Cochrane Interactive Learning

Conducting an intervention review

What is it?

A new, online, introductory training course on how to conduct a systematic review of interventions.

Over 15 hours of self-directed learning on searching, risk of bias, meta-analysis, GRADE and the complete systematic review process, developed by world-leading experts in systematic review methods.

Who is it for?

  • Cochrane authors and other authors of systematic reviews of interventions

  • New authors embarking on systematic reviews for the first time

  • Experienced authors seeking to refresh their skills

  • Users or commissioners of systematic reviews who want to know more

  • Research and EBM educators seeking to complement face-to-face teaching

Key features

  • Dynamic, flexible and engaging content

  • Over 100 bite-size learning units, building knowledge one step at a time

  • Clear explanations with stimulating interactions, quizzes, animations, examples and reference resources

  • Assessment to demonstrate skills learned with module and course certificates

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