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Integrated Screening and Insights

Integrate evidence-based clinical decision support solutions seamlessly into your clinical workflow for informed and impactful decision-making.

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Medication Advisory Screening (MAS):

Automated screening for interactions including:

  • Drug-Drug Interactions and Lifestyle Interactions (Food, Ethanol, Tabacco, Lab & Disease)

  • Therapeutic Class Antagonism and duplication warnings

  • Ingredient duplication warnings

  • General Precautions

  • Pregnancy & Lactation warnings

IV Screening:

  • Screening compatibility of parenteral medications between two or more drugs when combined in solution. 

Merative Micromedex Medication Instructions:

  • With easy to understand documents, provide patient education materials across the care continuum.

Warning Labels:

  • Promotes medication compliance and increases patient safety when attached to patient’s prescription.


Summary drug reference for physicians and nurses that contains concise, unbiased synopses from world’s medical literature

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