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When a Hyphen Moved the Cheese

The recent incident where two fraudsters duped several job seekers by posing as a popular job portal brings to light the growing need of cybersecurity and domain protection.

Two con artists from Ghaziabad purchased the domain name, a close copy of, a sub-brand of – the talent acquisition giant. They used this fake domain to send emails and lured job applicants and extorted money on the pretext of landing them great jobs. The full news is available here.

The above incident is a classic case of domain infringement, a phenomenon where cybersquatters register a domain closely resembling a popular brand in order to swindle unsuspecting and innocent people. They prompt users to share confidential data such as financial details, passwords, and credentials in order to exploit them.

This is a serious threat and requires preventive steps from brands to (a) identify, (b) asses and (c) take actions to prevent such occurrences. This is achieved via BTAR (Brand Threat Assessment Report), developed by industry experts. BTAR systematically assesses the online threat to brands and suggest ways to mitigate the same on regular basis.

BTAR, using a proprietary algorithm, scans over 1500 Top Level Domains and over 320 Million domains worldwide to identify all possible variations that infringe upon a brand/trademark. A dedicated system scans all registered domains and measures the traffic each domain receives to identify how serious and how recent the threat is. The traffic could be from other website or from emails. Our panel of experts evaluate the threat to every brand and recommend a range of actions to help owners safeguard their business.

Brand equity is one of the most valuable assets for a company and to lose it to cybersquatters is a huge blow to a brand. Do you know want to know what are the major threats to your brand? Contact here and let us help you.

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