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Merative Micromedex 2.0 is a single powerful solution for clinical decision support.

The clinical knowledge suite offers evidence-based resources for medication management, disease treatment, toxicology management, neonate & pediatric dosing, integration into HIS


Covers drug interactions, comparative efficacy of drugs, adult & pediatric dosing, Black box warnings, complete drug monographs, clinical checklists for disease treatment, differential diagnosis, patient counselling, poison treatment, IV compatibility, off label information

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Merative Micromedex content is developed in accordance with documented editorial policies and procedures to facilitate the practice of evidence-based healthcare.
Meticulous process and highly trained editorial teams ensure that Merative Micromedex evidence is fully vetted and integrated into our products quickly so you can be confident that your decisions are based on the most current data available.

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Truven Health Analytics is accredited by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) for the content development processes for the Micromedex® Medication Management clinical decision support (CDS) solution.
Using NICE Accreditation as a guide, healthcare professionals can identify the most trusted sources of guidance, developed using critically evaluated, high-quality processes, which support the delivery of quality care.

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