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The Lens serves global patent and scholarly knowledge as a public resource to make science- and technology-enabled problem solving more effective, efficient and inclusive.

The Lens serves linked open knowledge artefacts and metadata with tools to inform effective, efficient and equitable problem solving.The Lens at its core is an aggregator of metadata, combining three unique content sets and one management tool as a base offering. This base supports the four primary functions of the Lens, which are to discover, analyse, manage and share knowledge.
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Scholarly Publication Data Insight

Provide critical insights to research administrators in public & private research institution. Explore your research potential mapped through scholarly publication & patents data and harness powerful insights about research contributor, funding bodies, right collaborators and talent acquisition.


  • Insight into publication, regional & emerging research trends

  • Citation related data for published articles & patents

  • Dynamic scholarly dashboard for organizations & individuals

  • Find funding opportunities

  • Increase your visibility among public and peers

  • Identify key contributing institutions and authors

  • Evaluate interdisciplinary collaborative research

  • Key collaborators for your growth


Benchmarking & Research Policy Making

Support research administrators in making evidence based critical decision about research opportunities to pursue; collaborations and partnerships to forge; track progress towards the institutional research mandate.


  • Real time data on inclusive research outcome.

  • Helps in deciding awards, recognition, research grants

  • Design faculty mentorship  programme

  • Evidence based data for bench-marking and evaluation

  • Identify institutional research output of  over time

  • Find emerging research fields and ideas

  • Find subject matter experts and organizations

  • Supports policy making & research administration

  • Robust insights assists organization to focus on continuous innovation and consistent growth

Technology Reports

Evidence based reports linked to verifiable data and analytics helping organizations identify, plan, and address opportunities & challenges around the world. We collect, analyze, annotate data to present findings in a flexible, data-driven reporting interface.


  • Evidence based dynamic reports through patent and non-patent literature coverage

  • Identify technology white spaces

  • Competitive positioning

  • Technology analysis using patent and scholarly literature

Building Robot

Customised Training

Our team of information specialist with domain expertise deliver training on scientific databases. On The Lens platform we offer training to meet critical research information requirement through analysis that could deal with evolving scientific information requirements.


  • To help increase user productivity

  • Deepen the technical knowledge and self-sufficiency

  • To help enhance system utilization and performance

  • Reduce the amount of time you spend managing data.

  • Analyze data in a variety of ways.

  • Promote a disciplined approach to data management.

  • Turn disparate information into a valuable resource information.

Publisher Services

We provide a suite of services to enhance the user experience of digital library offerings and support data driven analysis of the market and the author community.


  • Provide context around each article in a publisher’s digital library.

  • Improve publishers’ decision making with data and analytics.

  • Enhance the visibility of and attractiveness of publisher’s offerings through analytics.

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