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Clinical Decision Support in Dentistry

Your Comprehensive Online
Dental  Knowledge Resource in India

Dental Mammoth database has been created over the last 20 years with over 400 international contributors. It is an online encyclopedia comprising 25,000 topics in dental, medical and drug databases which are updated regularly by a globally acclaimed editorial board to ensure continued availability of quality dental education and oral health care all over the world.


For Dental Colleges and Students

Dental Mammoth provides tools and knowledge for dental professionals and students globally. Salient features include enhanced quality of clinical work, efficient study material and improved patient safety. Relevant and reliable knowledge in an easy-to-find format is essential for achieving these objectives. All our products are ultimately aimed towards “care.”

For Oral Health and Dentistry

Accessible Databases:

  • Dental Database

  • Dental Procedures

  • Dental Pictures

  • Medical Database

  • Evidence Summaries

  • ICD-10 Dental Quick Reference

  • Indian College-specific Syllabus Database

  • Durg Database


  • Dental and Medical databases produced by academics and faculty

  • Over 400 renowned Indian and International editorial contributors

  • Option to customise college-specific content

  • 24/7 access to the solution on mobile and desktop

  • Supporting Dental and Medical education for last 25 years

  • Easy connectivity to various platforms


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